LinkedIn: Standing Out in the Crowd

When I teach personal branding seminars to MBA students, I always begin by asking them if they have a LinkedIn profile. Surprisingly, there are quite a few hands that do NOT go up. I tell... Read More

Losing Your Soul To Social Media

We are constantly barraged with news and information and if you are like me and exist on several social media channels, it can feel like an onslaught at times. Don’t get me wrong, technology is... Read More

Tips For Building a Strong Digital Brand

Being in control of your digital brand is essential in today’s world of heightened search. From colleges and employers, to your future partner/spouse, everyone is turning to Google to see what they can discover about... Read More

Digital Media Resources
| |

Over the years, I have created a master list of tools and resources for digital marketing. Each time I discover a new tool, I check it out and review posts from other social media marketers... Read More

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  • Fall in Ohio
  • Lighting the way....
  • Splash of color.


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